Facebook Friends Road Trip. Would you do it?


I was at the Subaru dealership in Scottsdale, AZ, today, having them give my Forester a tune-up in preparation for my resuming my 49,702-mile  Interstate Bob’s Ultimate American Road Trip  when I got into a conversation with a guy who had just driven cross-country by staying only with “Friends” he’d met on Facebook. The Facebook Friends Road Trip, he called it.

“Amazing, the number of offers I got,” he said. “And if I told people I might not get there until after 11 pm, or whatever, they’d say, “We’ll be waiting.”

An interesting idea, but I’m not yet sure if I am that far into the sharing economy.

What if my new friends expected me to stay for a week? Or didn’t watch the same news network as me? Or had been anticipating my arrival  by sharpening their carving knives?

On the other hand, The Facebook Friends Road Trip could be a great way to meet new people (in real life) and hear stories and share good experiences you might otherwise miss.

How about you? Would you do it?  And could you sleep soundly on a stranger’s sofa, maybe with a family pet who preferred watching a different news network than you?

Or if the tables were turned, could you invite somebody in off the road who you knew only through a Facebook photo they said was of them? Would you invite me in?  (Photo attached.) And do you own a set of carving knives?


One thought on “Facebook Friends Road Trip. Would you do it?”

  1. See you soon. Let us know when your plans firm up! Need to allow time to have our rescue dog acclimated to the guest bed.

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